We all know the pleasure of changing the strap on your watch. Whether replacing a steel strap with a leather or a rubber, a new strap gives the impression of having a new watch. That's why we wanted to make changing the strap as easy as possible, and it's done thanks to our quick pump system. 

Our tips below will explain how our rapid pumps work on your AWAKE bracelet.

To do this, you will need to hold the case of your watch (upside down) with one hand and the back of the strap with the other. 

- To detach your bracelet, pull the pin on one side and remove the bracelet from the lugs of the watch.

- To attach your bracelet, push the pin so that it enters the hole in the watch lug.

You can see the video  here

Adjust the steel mesh strap 

1. Take a strap changing tool (or a small screwdriver) to lift the locking system - see image A

2. Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust its size - see image B.

3. When the buckle is in the desired position, lower the locking system - see image C.

You can watch our tutorial  here

Remove the buckle from your bracelet 

First of all, you will have to buy a bergeon tool (see photo below).

1. Start by inserting the forked side under the loop, as in the image below.

2. Now lower the pump.

3. Pull out the pump. Once you remove one part, the other will come naturally. 

4. After this, use the pointed part of the tool to eject the pump from the bracelet.

5. Remove the stem from the bracelet and put the parts together.

You can see this tutorial in video  here