THE first and only watch in the world made from recycled fishing nets


"Promote practices like those that are emblematic on this G7 watch that we wanted perfectly recyclable. And get involved in recyclable fabrics and materials, reduce carbon emissions, also have a more circular economy and therefore engage in very concrete initiatives" Emmanuel Macron

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Building a brand with values

After our first collection “Origins”, only made with recycled and recyclable materials (~2000 watches sold in a few months), AWAKE has unveiled a new watch made with recycled fishing nets during the last G7 summit. A world first in the watch industry.

In 2019, the G7 summit took take place in Biarritz, France, between the 24th and the 26th of august. The opportunity for the country to deeply think about inequalities, including the environment-related ones.

Innovation for good

We consequently worked on a watch project related to this goal. With more than 22,000 tons of plastic waste left in the ocean every day and the formation of plastic continents, maritime pollution is becoming one of the most alerting issues regarding the environment. From this statement, we developed a watch case made with used fishing nets, transformed in raw material. More than 6 months were necessary in order to obtain a beautiful yet resistant enough material.

From trash to ressource

The use of a fishing net is symbolic, indeed, beyond the micro-plastic pollution that it can cause, it is a huge burden for the maritime fauna causing each year more than 650,000 deaths of marine animals stuck in abandoned nets. It also is an extremely promising material since its aspect and lightness allow for great wrist comfort. It is a both philosophical and technical choice. We are proud to embody the absolute urge of a fight against ocean polluting and to symbolize the innovation of French companies on the creation and use of new recycled materials.

Inspiring and giving a choice

The AWAKE “G7” perfectly symbolizes the mission of the brand: helping the consumer to make more responsible choices by offering ethical, well designed and quality products. Made in France, around one hundred watches has been produced and given to the participants of the climate, ocean and biodiversity sequences of the Biarritz summit.

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